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We service all of San Diego and San Diego County.

Mike Palma is the owner and principle designer of Oak and Boulder Landscape.  Mike studied landscape architecture at CalPoly and graduated with a degree in Landscape Design from San Diego State University. 


Residential and Commercial Design

The first impression a visitor to your home, business, or apartment complex, is the landscaping.  It is what welcomes the visitor in.  Whether you have a home you cherish, an apartment complex you want to appeal to residents, or a business development hoping to attract tenants, trust your Southern California design to a company that knows San Diego.  With over 20 years experience in residential and commercial landscape design, maintenance and construction, Mike’s work has been featured in magazines and received multiple awards.  Some of his more prominent work includes local casinos, military landmarks, and features of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) Temple grounds. 


Commercial Landscaping

 Mike has maintained condo associations, commercial properties and apartments throughout San Diego County.  Whether your property requires a full time team or just now and then touch ups, Oak and Boulder can work with you to increase your property’s curb appeal.  Our designers specialize in native landscapes and exterior living areas.  The quality of life for our clients is our top concern.  We strive to cut your water bills (moisture sensors, low flow sprinklers), make your land work for you (installing community gardens, shared orchards, parks, and walk ways), and cut your electricity bills (solar, trees for summer coverage, unobstructed windows for winter).  In the aftermath of a financial crisis, many properties need to not only be maintained, but they need a long term plan to bring the property back to its glory, replace out of date landscaping styles, and water wasting equipment.  We can sit down with your managers or board to discuss a long term plan to achieve your goals while minimizing impact to your residents.  In the case of some properties we can even guide you in directions where the association can make a profit off of their land.

Our employees are uniformed and polite.  We follow up on all complaints, and work diligently until all concerned are satisfied.  We inspect all zones of your landscape weekly, catching broken sprinkler heads or dry spots before your clients do.

Call for a quote today (619) 993-8518

We service all of San Diego and San Diego County.

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